About Us

About Doubtnut

Doubtnut is an AI-based multilingual platform where students can ask a question by clicking the image of the    question and get a video solution in seconds instantly for free. In addition to this we also offer online courses. It is   for students in Classes 9th to 12th, C.B.S.E Board, State Boards,  IIT-JEE, NEET & Government exams. 
 Doubtnut has been the number 1 platform for students in India (interms of DAU) 
● 90% of students coming on Doubtnut, come organically, which shows the power of the right product
● The platform is built & functions on trust shown by 5 crore+ students

Our Store

Welcome to our book store! At Doubtnut Store, we have a passion to Display top books to the students from Class 9th to 12th, IIT- JEE, NEET ect. We began Our journey with a vision to create a heaven for Students who love to read and learn from the best books. What started as a dream has now become a reality, and we take pride in curating a diverse collection of books that cater to every Student’s taste. Our mission is to ignite a love for reading, foster a sense of wonder, and inspire a lifelong journey of learning. From classic Textbooks to the latest bestsellers, we carefully select each book with the hope of transporting our Students to new worlds and enriching their lives through the power of education. Our dedicated team of book enthusiasts is always ready to lend a hand in finding the perfect read or recommending hidden gems. At Doubtnut bookstore, our values of inclusivity, sustainability, and a deep appreciation for the written word shape every aspect of our store. We believe that every book has a story to tell, and we look forward to being a part of your learning journey. Come visit us and discover the magic that awaits within the pages of our books.